About Us

Our Mission

Our objective is to establish a family program in yachting and to provide adequate facilities for the fuller enjoyment of the sport. To accomplish this objective, we have an active and dynamic Sailing Instruction program for both children and adults. The Sailing Instruction Committee controls and manages the certified sailing instructions.


We have a diverse membership that ranges from novice to expert sailors and family members.  We are an all-volunteer organization, so the collective membership shares in and is ultimately responsible for the "care and feeding" of our clubhouse and grounds. When you and your family are making use of the club, we welcome you to treat it as if it were your own home.

Sailing Instruction

Our sailing program is for both adults and children and ranks amongst the best in the Bay.  If you have any questions, it is important that you contact the Sailing Instruction Committee Chair immediately. We believe the Sailing Program must be educational, safe, fun and worthwhile for all concerned.The Sailing Instruction Program is season-long and fully integrated with the activities of the Race Committee and the Bay Shore Junior Yacht Club.  

History of the Bay Shore Yacht Club