Membership Application

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 Q: What is the process to become a member?
A:    You must be sponsored by two regular members. Your sponsor will obtain an application for you. The sponsor will submit all paperwork to the Membership Committee.

Q: How long does the membership process take to complete?
A: The process usually takes two to three months. 

Q: What are other requirements for membership?
A: New members wiill have a 24 month probationary period in which they are required to volunteer for two events per year and there will be certain club privileges to which they will not be entitled. 

 Q: What happens after the membership committee gets the membership documents?
A: The Membership Commitee will review the sponsor and seconder recommendations along with the application and then submit the names to the Board of Governors.
The entire membership will then be advised of the name of each candidate and of his/her sponosor and seconder. Members will advise the Membership Committee of any pertinant information (positive or negative) concerning the candidate.
    The candidate name may then be submitted to the Board of Governors for a vote.

 Q: How does a new member get involved with the club's activities once approved?
A:    The easiest way is for the sponsor or seconder to invite their candidate to the club to work together on a committee, party or event.
    YOU may also contact any committee chairperson listed in the yearbook and volunteer your services if they already haven't contacted you. Visit the club any time there is an activity that interests you. 

Membership Types

Sailing Member:  
Sailing Membership is available to any person who has attained the age of 18 years but not yet 24 years by January 1st of the year in which application is made. A Sailing Member shall be entitled to represent the Bay Shore Yacht Club in any and all regattas, sailing events and sailing activities sanctioned by the Club, the GSBYRA, the USSA or any sailing Class Association. Sailing Members may not vote or hold office. Sailing Members shall not have any social or house privileges, except for social events designated by the Board of Governors as directly related to sailing. Sailing Membership must be renewed annually by application and will not be automatically renewed.

Intermediate Member:  
Intermediate Membership is open to any individual, single and between the ages of 21 and 26 years, whose parent is a Regular Member, and entitles such member to the facilities of the Club but not the right to vote or to hold office.

Nonresident Member:  
Nonresident Membership is available to Regular Members in good standing, on moving outside of a 100-mile radius of the Club. Nonresident Membership entitles such member to receive all publications of the Club, attend any Club function and participate in regattas as a Club member when in the area. Nonresident Members may not vote or hold office.